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Interested in getting your Tuani Lash Certification? Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry! It is a great time to establish yourself as a true professional early on in this rapidly growing industry. There are many people that offer the service but do not have the qualifications or knowledge on how to deliver a beautiful and professional job every time. Most cosmetologist and esthetician schools do not teach this trade directly and leave you to learn how to do this own your own. I have learned and used many techniques that are being utilized worldwide. I have tailored my trainings to give you the tools necessary to be successful and great in this industry. The trainings that I offer will help you to perform at and above an excellent standard for all of your clientele. 


1) Classic/Beginners Private Course - 2 Day Course 9am-4pm ($1500.00)

Targeted at newer practitioners with less than a year or even no experience in classic lashing. This course will help you get the basics down of classic lash application. You will learn theory, proper isolation and placement along with proper glue usage, tweezers and much more.


2) Volume Private Course - 2 Day Course 9am-4pm ($1800.00)

Geared more towards advanced lash techs that have experience in lashing but want to learn proper and more advanced techniques for volume lashing. For this course, it is recommended that you have at least one year of lash experience to fully grasp the advanced techniques taught for the volume course. You will learn theory, proper fan making techniques, proper tweezer usage, proper glue dipping for fans, proper placement and styling, plus much more.


3) Mega Volume Advanced Private Course - 2 Day Course 9am-6pm ($2000.00)

The Mega Volume Advanced Course is for advanced lash artists that already have experience in volume lashing. This course offers theory, advanced fan making and placement, mega volume techniques (also known as Russian Volume), covering gaps, sparse lash treatment plus other advanced techniques. Need to have experience in volume lashing before requesting this course.


Scheduling: For private trainings, send the dates that you are available and we will plan a date that works for both of our schedules. My schedule will remain open on all dates until the deposit has been paid.


Kit: At the completion of the course, you will receive a starter kit and certification. Items included in Classic/Beginners kit are: 1 practice head, 2 tweezers (1 isolation, 1 placement), 3 boxes of lashes, 10 sets of eye pads, 1 bottle of glue, microfiber brushes, jade stone, mascara brush, adhesive remover (cream), and practice lashes and lash pallet. Volume/Advanced Courses Kit includes the same items with the exception of the practice head and tweezers. You will receive a set of volume tweezers with the volume/advanced courses kit.


Deposit: A $250.00 deposit is due at the time that you schedule your training date (preferred method for deposit is Venmo or cash). If the deposit has not been paid, the date will remain open on my schedule until the deposit is in. The deposit is refundable up to 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled training date in case you need to cancel for any reason. Within 72 hours, the deposit is non-refundable.

We will go over theory, techniques, methods and hands on practice. Hands on practice will be on an actual model. Please provide your model. If you cannot provide a model, please let me know in advance.

This is a brief list of some, but not all of the subjects we will cover during the training (volume/advanced certification will include a brief refresher of basic beginner knowledge).


1. Basic hygiene, cleansing and preparation

2. Allergies and irritations

3. Workplace set-up

4. Learning different types of lashes thicknesses, curls and lengths of lashes

5. Tweezer types and selection

6. Proper Tweezer handling, positioning and angles

7. Lash sets and designs/Isolation/Mapping

8. In-fills and aftercare

9. Proper lash application

10. Safe lash extensions removal

11. Hands on practice 

12. Client schedule management

13. Photography

14. Social media

15. Marketing and pricing

16. Advanced techniques and application methods (Advanced courses only)

Plus much more!


Requests for Group Training/Hosting

If you would like to host a group training in your area or at your shop, please submit your info on the contact page and let me know your location and how many individuals you are able to accommodate (group size must be a minimum of 5 students). It is best to start planning at least a month in advance for group trainings. Email or call with all necessary information and questions and we can discuss planning and scheduling. Local group trainings hosted by me will be posted to www.tuanilash.com.


Group Rates Per Person:  

Classic/Beginners Course: $1200.00

Volume Course: $1400.00

Advanced/Mega Volume Course: $1600.00

($250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Per Person)